Cosmetic Dentistry Options For Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is an issue you may face for a variety of reasons. Some reasons do deal with poor dental care and oral health. However, there are some issues that are caused by a depletion of minerals and calcium in the body. Both these issues and poor dental health can result in tooth decay and tooth loss. When this happens you may be concerned about what your options are for tooth replacement. Here are a few of the cosmetic dentistry options available to you for tooth decay and tooth replacement. 


Dentures are the most common cosmetic dentistry option for tooth decay. Your dentist will extract any remaining teeth and replace them with a dental plate that contains false teeth. You can choose the material you want to be used for the dentures. You can also choose shading so your teeth can appear pearl white or can have natural discoloration from coffee or other similar activities that can stain your enamel. Dentures can be done for the top, bottom, or full mouth tooth replacement. You can also have them placed over time or in one session depending on your cosmetic dentist and their suggestion.

Dental Implants

You may have just a few teeth that have experienced decay. In this case, a dental implant may be a more suitable option than dentures. Your decaying teeth can be extracted by your dentist. Once they are extracted, a dental implant is placed in the same area. Dental implants can last several years and need little in the way of maintenance. Dental implants can also be used alongside dentures to act as anchoring points if you have not only tooth decay but also gum damage as well. 


Bridges are metal plates containing a few false teeth. These are used when you have tooth decay on both sides of your mouth, but only a few teeth need replacement. Once your decaying teeth are extracted, your dentist will fit you for a bridge. The bridge containing the replacement teeth is created in a lab. When the bridge is ready, your dentist will insert the bridge making sure it fits. They will discuss care and proper removal as well. 

If you are currently experiencing tooth decay, visit your local dentist. They can discuss the type of cosmetic dentistry solutions available to you. Your dentist can also answer any questions you have and discuss the healing process for each cosmetic option. For more information on cosmetic dentistry, contact a professional near you.