Why Bruxism Is Bad For Your Teeth

Do you tend to grind or clench your teeth a lot during the day or at night? This is a condition technically known as bruxism, and it affects many people on a daily basis. While grinding and clenching may seem like a harmless habit, it can have big consequences for your teeth over time. Here is what you need to know about the dangers of bruxism.  Dental Damage A main reason to be concerned about bruxism is dental damage. [Read More]

Cosmetic Dentistry Options For Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is an issue you may face for a variety of reasons. Some reasons do deal with poor dental care and oral health. However, there are some issues that are caused by a depletion of minerals and calcium in the body. Both these issues and poor dental health can result in tooth decay and tooth loss. When this happens you may be concerned about what your options are for tooth replacement. [Read More]

The Importance Of Baby Teeth

It is a common misconception that baby teeth are not as important as adult teeth. However, the truth of the matter is that healthy baby teeth are essential for overall oral health and development as children grow. Here's why: Baby Teeth Save a Space for Permanent Teeth When a baby tooth is prematurely lost due to decay or an accident, the space left behind can make it difficult for adult teeth to come in properly. [Read More]